About Us

Call Them In is a collaborative network that aims to provide Americans with a direct and immediate means of making their voices heard by their government. We do the research, write the scripts, and supply the numbers — all you need to do is make the call.

Why are we doing this?

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has been a call to arms for progressives across the country. With the alarming rise of xenophobic populism, intensely conservative policy, and corporate cronyism in the U.S. today, it’s clear that there is a breakdown between the will of the people and the work of our government.  

Call Them In seeks to bridge the gap in the most straightforward manner possible: the phone call. A phone call ties an identity to an opinion and reminds politicians that their constituents, not party drama or power plays, are their first responsibility. Much more effective than an email or social media post, a phone call can make the difference in how a representative votes — which means you can make a difference in how your government is run.


How does this work?

Our strategy focuses specifically on placing calls to Senators (as opposed to House Representatives, Governors, or other elected officials). The Senate, unlike the House, gives the minority party (in this case, Democrats) power to block legislation through a filibuster. These days, the Senate uses a procedure called a Silent Filibuster to hold up legislation without actually having someone go on the floor and talk. To overcome this Silent Filibuster, Senators need to hold a cloture vote, which requires 60 Senators to vote to end debate and move on to a final vote. 

Because of this procedure, it is very difficult to pass things through the Senate if one party does not have 60 seats. Currently, Republicans have 52 seats, which gives Democrats space to hold up legislation and force the Republicans to negotiate. Our goal is to reach out to Senators from all parties to advocate that they keep damaging or dangerous legislation from being put to a vote. By reminding them of their duty to their constituents — and of their vulnerability to an empowered and unhappy electorate — we can play an active role in shaping the nation.

What are our goals?

Call Them In focuses on a range of progressive issues that can be affected by advocating for action in the Senate. A few of the issues we provide call scripts for include: 

  • Blocking radical appointments such as many of President Trump’s cabinet picks, and conservative Supreme Court nominations

  • Protecting healthcare for all Americans by fighting the Republican American Health Care Act and watching out for legislation that reduces reproductive rights or healthcare needs of LGBTQ* citizens

  • Ensuring government funding reaches the people that need it by blocking tax cuts for the rich and other changes to the federal budget that will impact the livelihood of those in need

  • Preventing the passage of bills that will harm our climate, and promoting bills and initiatives that support renewable energy.

  • Supporting LGBTQ rights by encouraging the passage of the Equality Act and other LGBTQ legislation, and standing against policies that will harm LGBTQ people.