Our Team

Call Them In was started after Trump’s election as a resource to make it as easy as possible for progressives to make their voices heard.

Founded by Maya Meredith (a PR strategist) Bella Pori (a government employee), and Yatrik Solanki (a designer & engineer), Call Them In combines tech and PR savvy with insider government knowledge to make sure our scripts are effective and user-friendly.

Working to support this leadership team is a group of researchers, writers, editors, and tech gurus who monitor Senate activity and identify the most important developments to write up and report to you. Our leadership is based in New York, but we have people living across the United States. While some of us work in politics, many of us have other day jobs, ranging from writing for magazines and journals, to marketing and public relations, to software engineering and public health.  Regardless of our jobs, we are all committed to engaging with progressive electoral politics, even as some of us also pursue other forms of activism on the left. Call Them In is an all volunteer organization, and is funded entirely by the three co-founders.