The Executive Budget

The effectiveness of federal programs depend on how much money they receive, which means there are few bills more important than the federal budget. 

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The budget blueprint released by President Trump confirmed many Americans worst fears. Building off of the promises he made during the campaign, Trump’s budget plans for a $54 billion dollar funding increase to the military, with corresponding cuts in other federal agencies. Exact dollar amounts have yet to be released, but the State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency will see their budgets slashed dramatically.

While Trump has promised not to cut Social Security or Medicare, there are other social welfare programs that have no guarantees. Healthcare for veterans, food stamps, public health agencies, public education (to name a few) would face drastic cuts. In addition, Trump has pledge to cut all foreign aid, which comprises around less than 1% of the federal budget. And he wants to do all this while lowering taxes on the richest Americans.

But just because Trump wants it doesn’t make it so. The House and Senate still have to approve a budget. That is where you come in. Make the call today to tell your Senator you will not stand for an unfair budget that gives a tax break to the wealthy while hurting the rest of America.

The Executive Budget

A harder life for many Americans

President Trump released his executive budget, and while it fulfills his campaign promises, it is going to make life harder for many Americans. Trump has proposed increasing funding for the military by $54 billion dollars. Instead of raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for this, Trump is asking that other federal agencies, particularly the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department, cut their budgets dramatically.

Homelessness Caused by Trump

Trump's plan could leave thousands of people homeless

President Trump’s proposed budget includes plans to cut $6 billion in federal housing support from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

These cuts could leave thousands of families in every state homeless or without access to affordable housing. Trump’s plan would also cut HUD’s community assistance program, which supports parks, social services, and disaster relief.

Tax Reform

How Trump's Tax Reform will help the 1%

"I would say that we will probably start going very, very strongly for the big tax cuts and tax reform. That will be next."

That’s what President Trump told reporters last Friday when the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare failed. While President Trump hasn’t released an official tax plan yet, the tax reform he discussed during the campaign has major consequences for Americans.